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Ellie Thumann Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and More

Ellie Thumann Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and More

Ellie Thumann is a young social media personality and a model. The 20-year-old started at the young age of 12. Her Youtube channel has more than 2 million subscribers while her Instagram handle has more than a million followers. She would be reaching 2 million on Instagram very soon. Fans admire Ellie’s outfits, poses and make-up a lot. In fact, some of her earlier videos include outfit ideas as the leading one. 

Ellie Thumann Biography

Ellie Thumann Biography

She was born in Arizona, United States. She is keen on fashion and makeup from the beginning. With the aim to grow, She created a Youtube channel to share her interest with the world. She also continued her schooling at Local High School in Arizona, US. Her outfit and DIY videos on Youtube have hit more than a million views today. 

When is Ellie Thumann’s Birthday?

Ellie Thumann’s Birthday

She was born on 29th October 2021.

Where does Ellie Thumann currently live?

She lives in Arizona, US.

Who are Ellie Thumann parents?

Ellie Thumann parents

She is born to a businessman Mr Matt Thumann and a housewife Mrs Amy Thumann.

Does Ellie Thumann Have Any Siblings?

Ellie Thumann Siblings

She has a brother and a sister. Her sister is named Erin and her brother is named Will.

What is Ellie Thumann’s Age in 2022?

She is 20 years old.

What Does Ellie Thumann’s Youtube Channel consist of?

Her YouTube channel is a wide category. Her videos include vlogs, outfit ideas, challenges and more. Some of her early videos started as fun facts about Ellie. 

Her first video was “10 facts about me” eight years ago on March 9, 2014. The video is 2 minutes 42 seconds treat representing facts about Ellie. It has a short introduction where Ellie is seen casually in the fields. 

Some of her latest videos showcase her trips with her friends and family. She is currently working in LA as per her recent videos. Her college videos have more than a million views today. Her funny skits have got more than 8 million views in all. Ellie Thumann’s most watched video is titled “Child You VS Teen You”.

Who is Ellie Thumann Dating?

Who is Ellie Thumann Dating?

She is currently single. There is no official news regarding her dating status. Rumours like past boyfriends and breakups roll over the internet but Ellie is not dating anyone. 

Who is Ellie Thumann in a relationship with?

She is a big social media American star today. Living in the US, the model has kept her private life like relationship status away from her media handles. No official pictures or videos related to her dating status are out yet.

What is Ellie Thumann’s Net Worth?

Ellie Thumann Net Worth

Can you guess? Some assume that Ellie’s Net Worth has to be more than a million while some expect it to be at least a million. Her net worth is 3 million dollars currently. 

Some facts about Ellie Thumann

  1. Ellie loves purple colour.
  2. She has a pet fish named Ginger.
  3. Her favourite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. She finds them very cute.
  4. She is obsessed with phone and iPad cases. She finds them really attractive and smooth. 
  5. She loves chopsticks.
  6. Ellie is fond of photography. She loves clicking pictures. No wonder she is a model and an amazing poser. 

She has a unique taste in fashion and loves to solve fashion problems. She has some beautiful and crazy solutions to it. She keeps showcasing her taste in different videos on her Youtube channel. Experimenting skirts with leather boots and tees with denim is her style. 

Ellie Thumann Facts

She has also walked the New York Fashion Week recently. She has vlogged both the experience of getting ready and being there on the ramp. 

Her Youtube channel consists of more than 300 videos today. Her latest video is titled “Pinterest Summer Featuring Many Walks”. It is a 10 minute video of Ellie chilling around with her friends. It starts with a good introduction of upbeat music and then Ellie is seen explaining her surroundings. As per her love of getting dressed and ready, Ellie is later on seen doing curls to her hair which she finds weird. She even encounters a fan during her casual walk. The video later goes on to show the rest of the day of her.

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Has any of Ellie Thumann’s videos reached 10 million views?

Ellie’s highest viewed video has a reach of 8 million viewers. There is no video with 10 million views right now

Which is the least watched Ellie Thumann video?

The least watched Ellie Thumann video is her latest video on her channel. It is about a Pinterest summer walk. Usually her videos have more than a hundred thousand views but this one has 56k views currently. 

How is Ellie Thumann celebrating her birthday this time?

Ellie Thumann’s birthday has just 1 month to go and fans are gearing up already. Although no one knows where and how Ellie will celebrate her birthday this time, fans are waiting to be there.

What is Ellie Thumann’s Zodiac sign?

She was born between October 24 to November 21. A person having a birthdate between these dates is Scorpion by zodiac. Ellie Thumann’s zodiac sign is a water element.

Does Ellie love fish?

Yes. Ellie Thumann has a pet fish named Ginger which she is very fond of. She absolutely loves fish and keeps them at her place. 

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