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Classroom of Elite Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and More

Classroom of Elite Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and More

Classroom of Elite Season 3 will answer our questions like Will he be able to take down class B in the next season or his plans will backfire, don’t worry because We have got it all covered!

Season 2 is over and it was amazing as we got to see Ayanokoji beating the shiz out of class C and now he is going up slowly. 

Classroom of Elite Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and More
credits: crunchyroll

Classroom of Elite Season 3 Release Date

The staff has announced that season 3 will be coming this year in 2023, but the exact dates have not yet been revealed we can expect anime to air in fall 2023.

Classroom of Elite Plot

The main character of the anime is trained in the white room facility. He comes to a normal school with the help of a high-ranked officer in the school to experience a normal life. 

He makes friends in school and helps them with his high IQ. He on purpose shows himself weak because he doesn’t want to draw all attention towards him. 

Classroom of Elite Plot

During this journey, he makes many friends and many enemies. So if you are still unaware of this anime then this anime is worth watching because the anime contains mind games and high-level IQ strategy.     

Classroom of Elite Season 2 Recap

In this season Kyotaka Ayonokoji faces the real threat leader of class c Kakeru Ryūen. who was desperately finding the real mastermind behind Class d’s success to find out the real mastermind Ryūen finds out who knows the real identity of the mastermind of Class D. 

So the real identity of the mastermind of Class D, who changed the game plan in the special exam and made Class D almost win was Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

Kei Karuizawa knows the real identity of the mastermind so Ryūen kidnaps her and forces her to spell out the name by torturing her but she doesn’t speak the name of the mastermind. 

Classroom of Elite Season 2 Recap

When Ayanokōji gets to know the conditions of Karuizawa. he reveals his true identity of him in front of Ryūen. In Season 2 we see the epic battle between Ryūen and Ayanokōji. 

Ultimately the main character of season 2 Kiyotaka Ayanokōji wins against Kakeru Ryūen and saves Kei Karuizawa.

Classroom of Elite Season 3 Cast & Staff

The official cast for Classroom of Elite Season 3 has not been announced yet but we hope that the SIM cast which was used in seasons one and two will also be present in season 3 with some additional characters.

  • Akari Kitō as Suzune Horikita
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Kei Karuizawa
  • Masaaki Mizunaka as Kakeru Ryūen
  • Shōya Chiba as Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
  • Yurika Kubo as Kikyō Kushida
  • Daiki Abe as Kanji Ike
  • Eiji Takeuchi as Ken Sudō
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Chie Hoshinomiya
  • Konomi Kohara as Akane Tachibana
  • Lynn as Maya Sato
  • M.A.O as Airi Sakura
  • Mikako Komatsu as Mio Ibuki
Classroom of Elite Season 3 Cast & Staff
  • Mutsuki Iwanaka as Haruki Yamauchi
  • Nao Tōyama as Honami Ichinose
  • Rie Takahashi as Hiyori Shiina
  • Rina Hidaka as Arisu Sakayanagi
  • Rina Satou as Sae Chabashira
  • Ryota Ohsaka as Yōsuke Hirata
  • Ryōta Suzuki as Akito Miyake
  • Satoshi Hino as Kōhei Katsuragi
  • Shunsuke Kawabe as Hideo Sotomura
  • Sōma Saitō as Miyabi Nagumo
  • Toshiki Iwasawa as Rokusuke Kōenji
  • Tsubasa Gouden as Teruhiko Yukimura
  • Yuichiro Umehara as Manabu Horikita
  • Yuiko Tatsumi as Haruka Hasebe

Is There Any Classroom of Elite Season 3 Trailer Released Yet?

There has been no promotional video or trailer for the sequel but we can soon expect a trailer or promotional video to arrive giving us the key visuals and the initial star members for the next season.

Staff comments for Classroom of Elite Season 3

Comment from Kinugasa, the creator

“At last, we get to enter the second student term, picking up the story where Ayanokoji and the others left off. The production is scheduled to take us through the third student term as well, and the surprise announcement that we’ll get to see the whole first-year arc animated makes me extremely happy as a creator. And it seems they’ll also be replaying the first term arc in the spring… It just makes me feel extremely grateful.”

“It’s been seven years since I quietly started publishing this series in 2015, and I can’t believe how big it’s gotten since then. The fact that we’re getting a new anime adaptation is certainly due to the support that you have all shown the series. 

Staff comments for Classroom of Elite Season 3

Getting to see Ayanokoji, Koenji, Ryuen, Hirata, Ishizaki, Hashimoto and the others moving and speaking in animated form has been so much fun for me. Isn’t male conflict great? Thank you, thank you so much for everything.”

“In addition, I am secretly working on something to repay everyone who made this new animation possible, from the production company and everyone else involved and the readers as well. 

I hope I can get it finished before the second term begins airing, so please wait for its announcement with great anticipation. In the meantime, I will humbly continue writing, so I hope you’ll continue reading.”

Where to Watch Classroom of Elite Season 3?

You can watch all seasons of Classroom of Elite on Crunchyroll or Hulu.


Despite the lack of official confirmation, the enthusiasm and passion of the fanbase remain strong. Many fans have expressed their desire to see the continuation of the story and the development of their favorite characters.

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